** Good luck to all of our members competing in shows this summer! **


SCOTTSDALE !! February 13 - 23, 2020

SCOTTSDALE !! February 13 - 23, 2020

SCOTTSDALE !! February 13 - 23, 2020SCOTTSDALE !! February 13 - 23, 2020


GKCAHA Membership Form-rev. 1-2019 (pdf)


Board of Directors


Send an email:          connect@gkcaha.com

GKCAHA Officers 2020

President:   Michael Grimm    mikegrimm02@yahoo.com 

Vice President:   Denise Wray  denise_wray@hotmail.com 

Secretary:    Joan Nalley    joan.sweetiron@gmail.com 

Treasurer:   Mary Dobson   msd12524@gmail.com  

Board of Directors

(Serving through 2020) 

    Helen Alfaro   fullstride2@gmail.com    

    Sharon Fant-True   fstrue@smteinc.com 

    Kari Kemper  kari_kemper@yahoo.com

(Serving through 2019)

    Cindy Kunkel   cynthkunk@aol.com


(Serving through 2021)

    Pamm Payne   pamm41426@gmail.com 


Delegates (Serving through 2019) 

Sharon Fant-True   fstrue@smteinc.com 

Michael Grimm   mikegrimm02@yahoo.com 

Glen True   grtrue@smteinc.com 

Cindy Kunkel (alternate)   cynthkunk@aol.com 

Committee Chairs

By-Laws:   Mary Dobson     mcd52871@aol.com 

High Point:   Kari Kemper   kari_kemper@yahoo.com

High Point:   Whitney Wright   whitneynwright@yahoo.com 

Insurance:   Mary Dobson   msd12524@gmail.com 

Longview Horse Park:   Pamm Payne   pamm41426@gmail.com 

Membership:   Mary Dobson  msd12524@gmail.com 

MoKan Co-Show Manager:   Mike Grimm   mikegrimm02@yahoo.com 

Pony Express Rep:  Liz Goede    lizgoede@aol.com 

Pony Express Show:   Pamm Payne   pamm41426@gmail.com 

Sunshine:   Sharon True   fstrue@smteinc.com 

Website:   Helen Alfaro   fullstride2@gmail.com

Youth Group:   Chrissy Norris    chrissyn@fairpoint.net